Terms of sale

Article 1 — General provisions

The PULM is the publishing service of the University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3. The sale of books and journals published by the Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée (PULM) is intended for individuals and professionals (booksellers, distributors, etc.).

The University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 is a French public higher education institution governed by the education code. It is registered in the SIRENE directory (SIREN no.: 193 410 891, legal category: National public establishment of a cultural and professional scientific character).

The Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 is subject to VAT under the following identifier number: FR25193410891.

These terms and conditions of sale were updated on September 21st, 2021. The general conditions of sale applicable to a given transaction are those in force at the time the contract is concluded

These general terms and conditions of sale constitute the general contractual clauses applicable between the customer and the PULM. Moreover, the contractual relations between the university and the client are governed by the law applicable in France and the resolution of any conflicts is brought before the competent courts of the judicial order, after exhaustion of the means of amicable remedies.

The language used in contractual relations between the client and PULM is French.

You can contact the PULM for any information or complaint:

By post to the following address:
Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée
Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3
Route de Mende
34199 Montpellier cedex 5

By phone: +33(0)4 99 63 69 25 or +33(0)4 11 75 71 63
Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

By email: pulm@univ-montp3.fr.

If one or more stipulations of these General Conditions of Sale are held to be invalid or declared as such by law, by regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will retain their full force and scope.

Article 2 — Our offers

These General Conditions of Sale thus govern exclusively the sales of any new item, available in store, and in particular, books and journal issues. The sale is aimed at all audiences regardless of their country of residence, provided that they are served by postal transport services. The terms of sale are determined by the PULM (direct sale or subscription).

2.1 – Prices

The prices of books and journals are prices all taxes included. They comply with the “Lang” Law on the price of books (Law no. 81-766 of 10 August 1981 on the price of books).

2.2 – VAT based on goods shipped to EU countries

The rate of 5.5% is applicable to printed works and single journal issues.

The rate of 2.10% is applicable to subscriptions.

2.3 – VAT exemption case based on goods shipped

Within the EU

A delivery of goods sent to the territory of another Member State of the European Union is exempt from VAT when the customer is a taxable person with an intra-Community number and acts as such. The PULM then draw up an invoice excluding tax (VAT) with the mention «self-liquidation» with its intra-Community VAT number and that of its client.

Outside the EU

Sales and delivery operations to non-EU countries and similar territories (ex: DOM TOM for France) are exempt from VAT (Article 262 of the General Tax Code). The list of territories assimilated to the non-EU zone can be found on the customs website http://www.douane.gouv.fr/articles/a10891-tva-a-l-exportation. In return, PULM are subject to declaration formalities for shipments outside the EU customs zone.

2.4 – Customs Fees

Any order delivered outside the European Union (EU) or in the territories of the E.U. with special customs rules (for France, the overseas departments: Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Réunion and the overseas territories and local and regional authorities of Mayotte and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon; for the Federal Republic of Germany, the island of Helgoland and the territory of Büsingen; for the Kingdom of Spain, Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands; for the Republic of Finland, the Aland Islands; for the Hellenic Republic, Mount Athos; for the Italian Republic, Livigno, Campione d'Italia and the national waters of Lake Lugano; the Channel Islands; however, the Isle of Man is considered to be part of the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Sovereign Base Areas of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at Akrotiri and Dhekelia are considered as part of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus) may be subject to any taxes and customs duties which are imposed when the package reaches its destination.

These customs duties and taxes, if any, related to the delivery of an article are the responsibility of the customer and are his or her sole responsibility. To know them, it is strongly recommended that the customer inquire with the competent authorities of his or her country, before any order.

2.5 – Total Order

The total price summarizes the amount including taxes and/or excluding taxes in € of the ordered items, taking into account possible discounts.

  • Pricing offers in France:
    • Package: €2 up to 499 g; €4 between 500 g and 1kg; above 1kg postal rates in effect.
  • Rate offer abroad:
    • Postal rates in effect.

2.6 – Special conditions applicable

The Executive Board authorizes the President, on the proposal of the Director of PULM, to grant buyers other than booksellers or distributors, an exceptional discount equal to the maximum granted to booksellers, that is 40% of the price of the book excluding.

  • Customers that are professional booksellers and distributors
    Once the customer provides his or her intra-Community VAT number, he receives a discount rate:
    • Bookseller: 33% of the price excluding tax,
    • Distributor: 10% of the price excluding tax.
  • Subscriber
    When a subscription is launched for a work, the individual customer benefits from a discount between 15% and 20% of the price excluding tax, until the subscription end date.
    The collection of the sums paid by the subscriber takes place upon receipt of the said payment, without prejudice to the rules relating to the right of withdrawal.
    In case of cancellation or exercise of the right of withdrawal, the customer will be refunded following the conditions provided in article 7.

Article 3 — Modality, method and time of payment

3.1 – Modality

The customer must pay the total amount of his or her order before delivery.
The PULM reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in the event of an existing dispute with the customer or in the event of total or partial non-payment of a previous order or refusal of authorization of payment by bank card from the banking institutions.
When shipping a partial order, the collection will correspond to the amount of the items shipped.

3.2 – Special conditions applicable to professionals

When the invoice is issued, the payment period is 90 days end of month or return.
No return request will be granted after the time limits set out above. The PULM reserves the right to check the intra-Community VAT number.
In case of incorrect declaration, the PULM reserves the right to modify or cancel the order.

3.3 – Method of Payment

On-site payment
— Cash,
— Bank card: The local terminal accepts Visa, Mastercard and Carte Bleue cards for a maximum payment of €1500,
— Cheque.
Remote payment
— Cheque in euros,

National bank account identifier - RIB

Bank code Branch code Account number RIB key Domiciliation
10071 34000 00001003387 27 TPMONTPELLIER

International Bank Account Number - IBAN

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) BIC (Bank Indentifier Code)
FR76 1007 1340 0000 0010 0338 727 TRPUFRP1

Article 4 — Shipping Method and Charges

— Postal: PULM will assess the suitability of the method of postal delivery according to the place and the volume to be sent unless specifically requested by the customer.
— Pick up on site.
The rates for shipping costs in France and abroad are in accordance with the rates set out in Article 2.5.

Article 5 — Delivery times

The average delivery time is approximately 5 working days for Metropolitan France from the date of dispatch.
The maximum delivery times announced below are to be taken into account from the day of the final confirmation of the order and the full payment of the order by the customer (excluding holiday periods).
Metropolitan France: 20 working days maximum.
French overseas departments and territories: 30 working days maximum.
UE Zone and Switzerland: 30 working days maximum.
Other countries: 60 days maximum.

Article 6 — Steps for Registering and Validating an Order


On request of the customer, the PULM send a quote accompanied by these general conditions of sale taking into account possible discounts.
In case of direct order or subscription, these Terms and Conditions are communicated, in principle by e-mail to the customer, before conclusion of the contract.
Order and validation of the purchase
The order must be formulated in writing by the customer in any form whatsoever (fax, mail, mail, email) on which will appear the information necessary for his or her identification, namely his or hersurname, first name, postal address and email, if necessary intra-Community VAT number and phone number. The order must include the title of the book he or she wishes to acquire, the desired quantity, the delivery and billing address. The order is then processed by the PULM.
Payment and Delivery
The terms and method of payment are set out in Article 3 of these general conditions of sale. The PULM shall send the order to the customer within the time limits set out in Article 5 of these General Conditions of Sale.


Order and validation
The order must be made in writing in any form whatsoever (fax, mail, mail, email) on which will appear the information necessary for its identification, namely its surname, first name, postal address and e-mail address, if necessary intra-Community VAT number and phone number. The order must include the issue title, year of subscription, quantity, billing and delivery address. The order is then processed by the PULM.
The subscribed customer receives an invoice for the subscription corresponding to his order. The payment conditions shall be in accordance with those referred to in Article 3.
Journal issue delivery
The journal issues shall be delivered once they are published in accordance with the mode and delivery charges laid down in Article 4 and within the delivery periods laid down in article 5.


Order and validation
The customer sends the subscription form or any other written document with the payment.
The discount rate set out in Article 2 paragraph 6 shall be valid only for the duration of the subscription.
The subscriber will receive the book in accordance with the delivery method and costs set out in Article 4 and the delivery periods set out in article 5.

Article 7 — Right and period of withdrawal

The withdrawal period expires fourteen days after the day on which the individual customer, or a third party other than the carrier and appointed by the individual customer, physically takes possession of the property.
In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the individual customer must notify the PULM of his decision of withdrawal by means of a clear statement in writing:

By mail to:
Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée
Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3
Route de Mende
34199 Montpellier cedex 5

Email: pulm@univ-montp3.fr.

The individual customer may use the withdrawal form available in the appendix to these terms and conditions, but this is not mandatory.
In case of withdrawal, the PULM will refund to the individual customer all payments received corresponding to the cancelled order including shipping costs. The PULM will defer the refund until the return of the works whose order has been withdrawn.
The individual customer must return the works for which he or she has exercised his or her right of withdrawal, to the PULM at the address indicated above, without undue delay and, in any case, fourteen days at the latest after having communicated his or her decision of withdrawal. The individual customer must bear the costs of returning the works at his or her own expense. PULM will refund the amount by bank transfer to the customer’s account without undue delay. This refund will not incur any costs for the customer.
The works must be returned in a perfect state for resale (except in the case of non-conformity of the works when the order has been delivered), in their original state.
Works returned incomplete, damaged, damaged or unfit for resale will not be refundable to the customer.

The standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal is provided in the appendix to these Terms and Conditions.

Article 8 — Legal guarantees

The customer of the site benefits from the legal guarantees relating to the conformity of the property sold and the hidden defects provided by the Consumer Code and the Civil Code.

The client is asked, if necessary, to inform the PULM of the problem observed as soon as possible

Article 9 — Processing and protection of personal data

The PULM implements processing of personal data concerning users of the PULM website, under the responsibility of the President of the University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3.

The processes implemented by the PULM in this context are for the purpose of managing contracts, orders, deliveries, invoicing and accounts receivable.

Moreover, they have an optional purpose of sending commercial solicitations to which the customer gives his or her express consent and which he or she can waive at any time without justification.

No personal data will be transferred to third parties without prior information and express consent of the persons concerned.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, the customer has the right to object and to delete the data concerning himself or herself. This right is exercised by mail to the PULM:

Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée
Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3
Route de Mende
34199 Montpellier cedex 5

The data processing carried out by the PULM was the subject of a declaration to the « Informatique et Libertés »correspondent of the establishment: cil@univ-montp3.fr.


Please complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw your order or part of it.


Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée
Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3
Route de Mende
34199 Montpellier cedex 5

or by e-mail: webcommande.pulm@univ-montp3.fr


I hereby notify you, as a customer, of my withdrawal from the contract for the sale of the following works (title, author, reference):











Ordered on (*) :


Received on (*) :


My first and last name are:


As well as my mailing address:



I hereby attach a bank or postal statement to obtain the refund by transfer.

Signature (only in case of notification of this paper form) :


Date :



* delete when not required