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What makes the work of the American experimental writer Kathy Acker
so utterly relevant today, almost thirty years after her passing? The
articles collected in this volume aim to provide answers to this question. Indeed,
through studies of both Acker’s published and unpublished works, analyses of her
writing process, and pieces blurring the boundaries between critical and creative
writing, these articles map the writer’s body of works and weave webs the way the
“Black Tarantula” would. Kathy Acker was part of a tradition of literary radicals
and rebels of the 20th century avant-garde that flourished in the Counterculture
and continued in the punk culture. Through acts of literary piracy and shock tactics,
she unveiled and stood against techniques of domination and control. Indeed,
she appropriated others’ texts, subverted genres and genders and thus challenged
the rigidity of meaning and identity to allow them to fluctuate and flow. These
texts confirm the central roles of both body and language in Acker’s works as
spaces of friction between power and liberation and position the writer as a radical
practitioner, a visionary.